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Manual Handling Certification


Having successfully completed the City & Guilds Manual Handling Train the Trainer course, you will be able to issue your own internal certificates to your trainees. Some manual handling instructors may want to consider nationally recognised certification for their handlers, to provide:

  • A more recognisable demonstration of handler competence for interested stakeholders such as regulators, insurers and customers
  • Greater reward / incentive for trainees - with a qualification which is not just recognised in-house
  • A more saleable training product for those interested in certifying trainees from other companies such as independent trainers and consultants
Proskills Global Limited is an approved City & Guilds Centre, who also offer a certification and accreditation scheme for manual handlers. The scheme is open to all trainers who have completed the Manual Handling Train the Trainer course within the past three years. This course is delivered by Alistair Bromhead Ltd and is Accredited with City and Guilds through Proskills Global.

How does the scheme work?

Trainers are required to register with the scheme. This is a simple process as the City & Guilds qualification provides the required evidence of trainer competence. You will be provided with a number of items:

  • Question and answer papers – for written evidence that trainees have attended and been attentive
  • Results sheet – to be sent in after each course
  • Certificate to show that each trainer is registered with the scheme
What format must the certifiable training take?

We do not specify that you must follow a specific training format. We trust your judgement, as a certified manual handling instructor, to decide on the appropriate length and format for your particular trainees.

However, there must be a minimum contact time of 1.5 hours to warrant certification and we would expect that courses will typically range from 1.5 to 3 hours in duration depending upon factors such as the risks in the workplace, experience of the trainees and whether it is refresher training. Courses may consist of a number of smaller sessions for the trainees – rather than one single training event. As you know, we also recommend that groups are limited to no more than 12.

Trainee assessment

In order to have a reasonable chance of handling safely in the workplace, we would expect that most trainees will need to know a bit about the following:

  • Personal benefits of using good handling techniques
  • Injuries and anatomy of the lumbar spine
  • Good technique – e.g. using FLUENCY
  • Manual handling dynamic risk assessment
These topics are reflected in the 15 question multiple choice test paper which trainees are required to undertake to provide evidence that they have not only attended, but have also participated and understood. A score of at least 12 is required to pass the course and trainees can take one resit.  

Further details

Download the scheme flier here

Trainer registration form

To download the trainer registration form, please click here


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