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03 May 2011

Advance your Career with Manual Handling Instructor Training

Are you keen to progress in your career but not sure whether you’ll ever reach the heights you aspire to due to a lack of opportunities, qualifications or belief in your own abilities? Rather than just accepting the situation, do something about it and look into a moving and handling course which could help you become an in-house manual handling instructor in a matter of days.

These courses hold a number of very relevant advantages for people of all ages involved in a wide range of industries:

Open to Everybody
To become a manual handling instructor you do not need to be an expert in manual handling. By enrolling on a four day City & Guilds Manual Handling Train the Trainer course you will be taught how to teach manual handling techniques to others - not just the basic ins and outs of manual handling. These moving and handling instructor training courses go way beyond the basics and leave you as a fully fledged moving and handling instructor.

Asset to your Superiors
Do you feel unappreciated in your workplace? Feel like you need to show some initiative to get ahead? These days, businesses of all sizes are heavily affected by health and safety regulations and know that if they are neglected, huge fines could result. By training as a manual handling instructor you could be the person who trains other members of staff in the workforce, which in turn would save your superiors significant amounts of money. You would soon be seen as a vital cog in the wheel. Your employer may even offer to pay for the course once they understand the benefits it would bring.

Alternative Courses
Perhaps you do not work in an industry where you would benefit from a manual handling course. After all, not everyone has to move heavy loads or inanimate objects – some people need to move and handle people in their care instead. Moving and handling people is an extremely important role that nurses, care workers and many other professionals have to perfect.
Similar to manual handling instructor courses, an IOSH People Handling Train the Trainer course, for example, would train you to become a moving and handling people instructor in just 4 days. Once qualified you could see yourself being widely used throughout your local community, helping to train other care workers or nurses in the skills required to maintain the highest level of care.

Does this sound like something you would like to do? Open and in-house courses are widely available all year round, so contact a leading training company for specific course information.


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