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Achieving Confidence in Health and Safety Compliance

01 April 2012

Health and safety legislation places significant responsibility on employers and has given rise to a body of research on best practice that takes some effort to keep up with. The Alistair Bromhead City & Guilds Certificate in Health and Safety, which leads to a nationally recognised certificate for the participants, is usually run in-house and tailored to the needs of the company and its environment. It is intended to help organisations avoid falling foul of the regulations and eliminate the possibility of accidents and health issues among their staff and any visitors to the premises.

A Course Fit for Any Organisation

The intensive two day course covers regulation about health and safety issues in appropriate areas such as machinery, manual handling, fire, noise and hazardous substances – whatever is relevant to the business concerned. It includes practical risk assessment exercises on the spot which candidates find particularly useful. They can either leave with a relevant risk assessment completed or with a template and more knowledge and awareness for making sure all their risk area are covered.

A Value for Money Course

The charge is per course so the more people that attend, the cheaper it works out per head – costing much less than sending individuals out to non-tailored courses. Ten to twelve is the most comfortable range of numbers of participants. They might include:

  • operational managers and supervisors who have some responsibility for health and safety issues
  • human resource managers who need to be aware of health and safety aspects
  • health and safety representatives and committee members
  • consultants and trainers who need to know about  risk assessment and  health and safety legislation.

As with all Alistair Bromhead courses, all those taking part are given a comprehensive course manual which includes a copy of the course slides and other materials.

When they’ve held a City & Guilds Certificate in Health and Safety Course run by Alistair Bromhead Ltd at their premises, directors and senior managers can have confidence that their health and safety compliance is sound, and the possibility of accidents is remote.


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