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Bringing Manual Handling Training to Life

01 April 2015

One thing Alistair Bromhead Ltd always strives to do in its range of courses is bring training to life. Practical, interactive training methods, combined with a range of quality training aids, have led to much praise from the many thousands of participants who have attended the courses over the years.

Training aids really can assist in engaging course participants and in helping them to visualise what they are being taught. Visual learning tends to stick in the mind which is why anyone who attends an Alistair Bromhead train the trainer course will always be encouraged to incorporate it into their own programmes.

Many people prefer to learn by seeing and touching, and using training aids brings an air of professionalism into manual and people handling training sessions. On the Alistair Bromhead City & Guilds Manual Handling Train the Trainer and the IOSH People Handling Train the Trainer courses, participants are shown how best to use training aids so they can feel confident and use them effectively once they themselves become the trainers.

Alistair Bromhead Training Aids

One very popular training aid is the Lifting Manikin. This is a cleverly designed, flexible model that moves to demonstrate the impact of good and bad lifting technique on the lower spine.

To help demonstrate how the spine looks, and the impact of a prolapsed or herniated disc, trainers can use the Lumbar Spine Model. The model is life size and supplied on a stand. Taking this a step further, the Lumbar Spine with Pelvis Model also shows the spine and a prolapsed or herniated disc, but this one has the addition of the pelvis which is useful to help place the lumbar spine in context. It also assists in demonstrating the effect of a twisting motion on the lower spine. Again it is presented on a stand.

All these training aids can be purchased here.

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