In our last post we talked about what to take into consideration when choosing an evacuation chair train the trainer course. As well as seeking official accreditation and impartial advice, one of our recommendations was to look for a course that includes practical training on correct patient transfer techniques.

Unfortunately, having spoken to delegates on our refresher courses who have received training elsewhere, we have learnt that not all courses cover certain techniques, such as those used to transfer a patient from an evacuation chair into a wheelchair, and vice versa. We’ve also learnt of controversial techniques being taught that can put both patient and handler at risk. Generally this is down to the fact that the trainers are not familiar with people and patient moving and handling and are simply taught the basics of how to use an evacuation chair in a standard situation.

But of course, there is no such thing as a standard situation and it is common to find it necessary to transfer wheelchair users into evacuation chairs, which of course if done incorrectly is going to pose the risk of injury to both parties.

As part of the Alistair Bromhead Ltd one-day IOSH Evacuation Chair Train the Trainer course, we include as standard the teaching of a range of techniques so that trainers can develop a wider scope of awareness of the typical scenarios that arise. We have developed specific, effective and of course safe techniques, using our own people handling training experience. These techniques are based on healthcare industry best practice and are regularly updated as new legislative developments take shape and fresh ideas are introduced and tested.

This depth of training is, as far as we are aware, something that can be considered unique amongst evacuation chair train the trainer and operator courses.

The course is available throughout the UK and is delivered by highly experienced instructors. We can cover most types of evacuation chair, which is useful if you have a variety of models on your premises. We can also provide advice on the most suitable models for your needs if you are in the process of purchasing an evacuation chair. To find out more or to check course availability please drop us a line or call 0800 710 1099.