We can now offer a virtual training version of our Manual Handling Train the Trainer: City & Guilds accredited Programme via Zoom. Both in-house and open events are available. All sessions are led by one of our regular trainers and we will strive to continue to make them as interactive and enjoyable as we always have. A wide range of learning methods are used during the training.

We can adapt the format for in-house events as virtual learning can be an intensive experience. For example, you might prefer 4 x 1/2 day sessions rather than 2 full days for the training. This will give the opportunity to undertake an element of revision or preparation between sessions. It will also reduce the overall amount of time spent looking at a screen.

Similarly, we can offer a virtual version of courses such as:

People handling train the trainer

For our 4 day IOSH People Handling Train the Trainer course, we can adapt the first 2 days to be run as virtual sessions. However, the second 2 days would still need to be run as face to face training due to the amount of practical work which needs to be undertaken to ensure correct skills regarding patient handling.

Evacuation chairs and mats

On topics such as our 1 day IOSH Evacuation Chair Train the Trainer certificate and our half day evacuation chair operator training, we are not offering online courses. This is due to the need to undertake physical practical exercises to build confidence and competence in the use of the equipment. However, we have made adaptations to enable distancing where possible. For example, we now have a life size weighted manikin which can act as the chair occupant. We can also use this manikin for our evacuation mat operator training and our evacuation mat train the trainer courses.

If you would be interested in running an in-house event or attending an open course of this format, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss any adaptions which might be needed to meet your own infection control procedures or the Government guidance