There are numerous hazards involved in working in an operating theatre, from exposure to fluids and lasers to slips and trips and even electrical shocks. Another hazard – one that should always be included as part of an operating theatre risk assessment – is manual handling injuries.

Whilst such a risk is generally recognised, the type of training provided in order to prevent injuries may not always be sufficient. It may be that general manual handling or people handling training is given, which is a good thing in terms of learning overall best practice. However, it won’t cover the specific risks faced in an operating theatre environment.

The Importance of Tailored Training

Operating theatre staff really do require specialist training in moving and handling operations, and ideally courses should be tailored to the specific practical techniques employed by the staff, as well as being held onsite in the very surroundings in which the course participants work.

Alistair Bromhead Ltd has for some time been running a range of courses tailored to those in operating theatre environments. A 1-day bespoke session equips handlers with the skills and knowledge required to safely handle patients in a range of situations, and the 4-day IOSH People Handling Train the Trainer course – tailored to operating theatre needs – furnishes trainers with the ability to train patient handlers in-house.

Both courses consider practical, hands-on activities such as:

  • The unconscious patient
  • Using manual handling aids, e.g. slide sheet, hover mat and Patslide patient positioning
  • Lithotomy position (legs in stirrups)
  • Turning the patient from supine to prone (front to back)
  • Lifting and handling operating table attachments

There is no substitute for hands-on learning based in the actual working environment and for this reason Alistair Bromhead Ltd offers flexibility in timing so as to fit in with operating theatre schedules.

For further information or to book an in-house, bespoke course email or call 07932 674707.