As another New Year dawns, it is the perfect time to pause and think about anything that did not work as well as it could have done over the past 12 months. It is also a great time to refresh skills and inject new ideas and energy into processes that may have gone stale during the year.

The positive attitude shared by almost everyone at this time of year presents the ideal opportunity to introduce fresh concepts and new ways of doing things, and manual and people handling and the techniques used to train people in the best practice of them are no exception.

When was the last time you reviewed your handling training?

If the last time you reviewed your manual or people handling training was this time last year, bear in mind how things might have changed since then. New innovations could well have been introduced that your handlers and trainers are yet to learn about; knowledge and skills could have become stale over time. You may have taken on new staff or lost one or more of your key in-house manual or people handling trainers. Incidents may have occurred that require a re-think of how things are done.

The importance of good manual and people handling technique and of having trainers with the most up to date knowledge cannot be over-emphasised. Outdated methods both of handling and the training of it are likely to prove exceptionally risky, and a lack of evidence of recently provided staff and trainer training will work against you should an incident arise that requires investigation by the Health and Safety Executive. So, what is the best advice to follow?

Manual and people handling train the trainer and refresher courses

At Alistair Bromhead Ltd, we run a range of City & Guilds and IOSH train the trainer courses in manual handling and people handling, including an IOSH people handling train the trainer refresher course as well as a course dedicated to evacuation chair trainer training. All courses are based on the most up to date methods of handling and training techniques.

As the only company to offer the Manual Handling Train the Trainer Advanced Programme, accredited by City & Guilds and mapped to national occupational standards, and with our qualified, experienced course tutors all fully up to date with the latest industry benchmarks and newly emerging risks, we are in the ultimate position to deliver the best possible levels of training.

Trainers are provided with the latest course manual, lesson plans and freshly updated slide presentations to use in their own training sessions as well as learning all the latest facts, figures and techniques to pass onto their trainees to help keep them interested and engaged. All courses can be tailored to individual needs where required.

The opportunity for manual and people handling trainers to openly discuss the unique challenges they have faced during the past few months, and to receive tailored advice on the specific risks that are present in their own workplaces can be translated as an opportunity to safeguard your business.

To learn more about our range of manual handling and people handling train the trainer courses or to make a booking, call 0800 710 1099 or email