In our last article we explored the evidence proving that people and manual handling training works, providing it is fully tailored.

We looked at how an NHS trust had introduced a custom designed lifting aid and tailored training in an attempt to put a stop to a growing number of accidents leading to back injuries amongst staff. The changes resulted in a in an 80 per cent reduction in musculoskeletal related incidents: a considerable difference proving the benefits of tailored aids and training.

In our May article, we also looked at the advantages of tailored manual handling training, following an announcement by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that off-the-shelf manual handling training should become ‘a thing of the past’.

Tailored training is clearly beneficial and respected outside trainers do an excellent job of ensuring that people and manual handlers are fully proficient when it comes to undertaking risk assessments and choosing the right movement processes, and that they are aware of how to safely use any equipment provided to control the risk.

An alternative to outside training

There is an alternative to outside training however, and it’s an alternative that can save businesses in terms of time and costs.

Train the trainer courses are designed to create in-house trainers: employees of the business trained to a level of proficiency as such that they are able to train their colleagues. With an in-house trainer, you will have an expert in your own workplace who is well-suited to running tailored training by adapting the knowledge, materials, exercises, templates and suggestions gleaned from our train the trainer courses so that they suit individual employees, and the individual risks they face on a daily basis. Your own employees-come-trainers will be acutely aware of these risks, because they themselves work among them.

Whether your organisation requires people handling or manual handling training, or both, it is highly beneficial to have your own in-house trainers. They will of course require refresher training to ensure their skills are up to date and their knowledge fresh, but providing they take this regularly, they will come to be considerable assets within your organisation.

Helping to create expert in-house trainers

To assist in creating in-house trainers who possess the skills required to deliver fully tailored people or manual handling training, Alistair Bromhead Ltd can offer adapted train the trainer courses to increase the tailored aspects.

As such, we can work closely with your company ahead of the train the trainer course to develop a bespoke package for your delegates to deliver to their colleagues. For example, we can add an extra day following the event to allow the trainer to work with the delegates, helping them to develop a bespoke package for delivery in the workplace; and we can provide pre-course work to delegates, such as asking them to take video footage of representative tasks where it is not possible to recreate them in the classroom.

Our manual handling train the trainer course is a City & Guilds accredited programme, whilst our people handling train the trainer course results in an IOSH qualification. For further information, or to arrange your tailored course, call 0800 710 1099 or email