The lifting and handling of heavy loads can result in back injuries, which is why it is beneficial, where possible, to use lifting and handling aids.

Countless working days are lost each year in the UK to back injuries. Bringing in lifting and handling aids, therefore, can offer benefits to employers. Such benefits might include a decrease in employee ill health; better productivity and reduced retraining costs.

There is a wide variety of lifting and handling aids to choose from. These include lift trucks; trollies; tilters; rollers; conveyor belts; jigs and hoists. But what needs to be considered before choosing the right equipment?

Considerations to Make When Choosing Lifting & Handling Aids

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that the employees responsible for the handling tasks are involved in the selection of handling aids. It is important to make sure your choices will work in practice. It is also important to consider whether the aids themselves will introduce new hazards.

Lifting and handling aids should be standards compliant, so look for CE markings. Look into the ongoing maintenance and support required too, and what you will need to do to ensure you comply with any legislation concerning inspections.

One of the key factors to consider is the suitability of the equipment for the space in which it will be used. Will there be sufficient room to manoeuvre? Can it be operated safely? Is the floor surface stable enough?

And finally, what training and supervision will be required in the use of your chosen handling and lifting aids?

Training Options for Lifting & Handling Aids

If you have recently invested in lifting and handling aids or are planning to in the near future, you may be interested to learn that the Alistair Bromhead Ltd manual handling training course can be tailored to cover handling using the aids specific to your workplace. You may also be interested in looking at the Alistair Bromhead manual handling train the trainer course. This 2-day course offers a City & Guilds certificate in manual handling training and will allow you to bring training in-house courtesy of your own trainers and therefore enjoy cost savings over time.

For more information or to discuss how these courses can be tailored to your specific needs, please get in touch.