The start of a New Year is a good time to think about refreshing your skills as a trainer, especially if you deliver training to colleagues or clients in the important areas of manual handling, people handling and evacuation chair operation.

In our last post, we discussed how the New Year is a great time to revitalise your training plans to ensure they are up to date and cover any changes that have occurred within the workplace, as well as to maintain interest and enthusiasm amongst your trainees.

If you are going to continue to deliver training that is relevant and engaging, it is vital to attend regular train the trainer refresher courses. Here’s why:

Perspective: Having had the opportunity to put your previous training into practical use in the workplace, you may well have a different perspective on things. Perhaps you have specific questions you would like answered or certain issues that need to be addressed. Refresher training will cover all of this for you and will also provide you with the chance to present anything new that your trainees have asked you to focus on in your New Year training regime.

Missed information: When you first undertook the course, there was a lot of new information to take in, so chances are you could have missed something. During a refresher course, it is common for participants to notice things which may have escaped them first time around.

Updating knowledge and skills: Things change and that includes techniques, facts and figures. As a trainer, you need to be fully equipped with the latest information otherwise you will be passing on inaccurate details. Techniques will often alter as new insights are applied, sometimes even rendering previous methods of doing things dangerous.

Proof of competence: In completing an accredited refresher course, you will be presented with a certificate to prove your ongoing competence, which will instil further confidence amongst your colleagues.

Train the Trainer Refresher Courses from Alistair Bromhead Ltd

At Alistair Bromhead Ltd, we regularly review and revise our course material on a minimum of an annual basis to ensure it is fully up to date and meeting the needs of those we train.

Our manual handling and evacuation chair train the trainer courses are suitable as refresher courses and we offer a dedicated people handling train the trainer refresher course. All are designed to help participants renew their skills, update their certification and ensure knowledge of all the latest facts, figures and techniques.

Course information:

Manual Handling Train the Trainer: City & Guilds Accredited Programme

IOSH Evacuation Chair Train the Trainer

IOSH People Handling: Train the Trainer Refresher

For more information on any of these courses, or to make a booking, call 0800 710 1099.